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How Our Program Works

Following entry level student testing, trained tutors and apprentice tutors are assigned students by the Center Director. Each student generally receives two 1 hour lessons weekly. Most  tutoring lessons are private. All tutoring follows lesson plans designed to meet the individual needs of the child. Most students complete the program in two years.

Compass follows the Orton-Gillingham approach, an established, proven, effective multisensory treatment for dyslexia.

The Orton-Gillingham Instructional Approach is

  1. Neurological basis: sets down neurological pathways in the brain
  2. Diagnostic and prescriptive: discovers what the child needs to know and teaches to it
  3. Multisensory: Visual - Auditory - Kinesthetic - Tactile
  4. Structured and sequential: The elements of language are introduced systematically and in an orderly fashion; children begin by reading and writing sounds in isolation, then they blend the sounds into syllables and words, progressing to sentences and paragraphs
  5. Synthetic and analytic: learning is based on parts made into the whole
  6. Cumulative: lessons go from simple to complex and are based on previous learning
  7. Cognitive: teaches the history of language and the rules and generalizations that govern it
  8. Flexible: because no child is exactly alike, lessons vary with each child
  9. Taught toward mastery and automaticity: continual review of previously learned material
  10. Emotionally sound: the child always finds success, thereby gaining confidence as well as skill
The Orton-Gillingham curriculum teaches, at appropriate developmental times, phonograms for decoding and encoding, spelling rules and generalizations, and syllable types. In addition, an appropriate mastery of non-phonetic (sight) words is expected. Reading is very controlled initially. Eventually, other materials are introduced that have been previewed for the decodability and /or level of the child.